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Shell Eggs: Daily South Central Regional Eggs
USDA - Fri Jan 17, 5:10AM CST
Des Moines, IA          Fri. Jan 17, 2020          USDA Market News             
Daily South Central Region Eggs                                                 

Prices are steady. Next week's asking prices are unchanged. The undertone       
is steady to instances fully steady. Demand is mostly moderate. Offerings       
are light to moderate. Supplies are moderate to at times light. Delivery        
delays have been noted due to winter weather conditions in some areas.          
Market activity is moderate. Breaking stock prices are steady. The              
undertone is mostly steady. Offerings are moderate to heavy on light to         
moderate demand. Supplies are moderate to instances heavy. Schedules are        
full-time. Market activity is slow to moderate.                                 

WHITE EGGS IN CARTONS, CENTS PER DOZEN.                                         
PRICES DELIVERED TO WAREHOUSE:                                                  
                     RANGE           MOSTLY                                     
EXTRA LARGE          73.5-82         75-78                                      
LARGE                71.5-80         73-76                                      
MEDIUM               59.5-68         61-64                                      

SOUTH CENTRAL AREA: AR,AZ,CO,KS,LA,MO,NM,OK, and TX                             

Source:   USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News                        
          Des Moines, IA    515-284-4460  email:        
Prepared: 17-Jan-20 11:06 AM E BK

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