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International: Weekly US/Canadian Live Poultry Slaughtered Under Federal Inspection (Fri)
USDA - Fri Jan 17, 5:09AM CST
Des Moines, IA          Fri. Jan 17, 2020          USDA Market News

International: Weekly U.S./Canadian Live Poultry Slaughtered Under Inspection (Fri)

Week ending           11-Jan-20
                               U.S. fowl slaughtered domestically

                         Light                 Heavy                   Total
                          Hens                  Hens                    Hens
Head                        776                 1,585                   2,361

Head sltr Comparisons
Last Week                   507                 1,277                   1,784
Same week yr ago          1,053                 1,624                   2,677
To-date/2020*             1,283                 2,862                   4,145
To-date/2019*             1,802                 2,697                   4,499

                               U.S. fowl slaughtered in Canada

                         Light                 Heavy                   Total
                          Hens                  Hens                    Hens
Head                        219                     0                     219

Head sltr Comparisons
Last Week                    59                     0                      59
Same week yr ago            273                     0                     273
To-date/2020*               278                     0                     278
To-date/2019*               662                     0                     662
Data Source: CFIA, as compiled by AAFC, Poultry Section

                    Total U.S. fowl slaughtered in the U.S. and Canada

                         Light                 Heavy                   Total
                          Hens                  Hens                    Hens
Head                        995                 1,585                   2,580

Head sltr Comparisons
Last Week                   566                 1,277                   1,843
Same week yr ago          1,326                 1,624                   2,950
To-date/2020*             1,561                 2,862                   4,423
To-date/2019*             2,464                 2,697                   5,161

*Note: Year to-date totals reflect comparable time periods.

SOURCE: USDA AMS Livestock, Poultry & Grain Market News
        Des Moines, IA     515.284.4460  email:

Prepared: 17-Jan-20 11:08 AM C SKT/CMB

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