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Wholesale Market Subtropical F&V Report - Philadelphia, PA
USDA - Fri Jan 17, 6:10AM CST
PHILADELPHIA Terminal Prices as of 17-JAN-2020                                 
Provided by:  Specialty Crops Market News                                      
              Federal - State Market News Service, USDA.                       
Phone:  (314) 425-4520     Fax:  (314) 621-3124                                

Weather at 7:00 a.m. Clear 27                                                  
Yesterday's High 51                                                            

MISC TROPICAL FRUIT AND VEG                                                    
---ALOE LEAVES:  MARKET STEADY.  27 lb cartons MX 14.00-18.00 mostly           
---BATATAS:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb sacks FL 43.00-46.00 mostly 43.00-45.00     
OCCAS HIGHER                                                                   
---BREADFRUIT:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb cartons DR 30.00 40 lb sacks DR 30.00    
---CALABAZA:  MARKET STEADY.  45 lb cartons CR 18.00-19.00 50 lb sacks CR      
---CAPE GOOSEBERRIES (PHYSALIS): OFFERINGS LIGHT.   cartons 12 3.5-oz baskets  
film wrapped GU 26.00                                                          
---CHAYOTE:  MARKET STEADY.  30 lb cartons CR 19.00-21.00 Dark Green 27.00     
White 27.00 40 lb reusable plastic containers (RPC) MX Prickly Type 26.00      
---COCONUTS:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb sacks MX Dry 20s 38.00 (White) 30s         
31.00-33.00 (White) 65-70 lb sacks DR Dry 40s 32.00-36.00 cartons DR Dry 24s   
32.00-34.00 FL Water 10s 22.00-24.00 TL Young Type 9s 17.00-18.00 mostly 17.00 
---DRAGON FRUIT (RED PITAYA): OFFERINGS LIGHT.   6 lb cartons EC White Flesh   
26.00 (RED) 10 lb cartons EC Red Flesh 36.00-40.00 (RED)                       
29.00-34.00 mostly 29.00-30.00 CR 30.00-31.00 HD 28.00-30.00 PE 32.00-38.00    
---JACKFRUIT:  MARKET STEADY.  36-40 lb cartons MX 2s 32.00-34.00              
---JICAMA:  MARKET STEADY.  38-40 lb containers MX 22.00-24.00                 
---LYCHEE: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   10 lb reusable plastic containers (RPC) SF  
---MAGUEY (AGAVE) LEAVES:  MARKET STEADY.  bundles 12s MX 22.00-23.00          
---MALANGA:  MARKET STEADY.  36 lb cartons EC Blanca 32.00-34.00 Lila          
44.00-47.00 OCCAS LOW AS 38.00 40 lb cartons FL Amarilla 62.00-72.00           
---SUGARCANE:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb bundles FL bchd 10s 19.00-22.00 Red bchd  
10s 18.00-19.00 OCCAS HIGHER                                                   
---TAMARINDO:  MARKET STEADY.  30 lb cartons MX 50.00 TL 72.00 cartons 16 1-lb 
packages TL 62.00-65.00                                                        
---TARO:  MARKET STEADY.  36 lb cartons CR Eddoes 32.00-34.00 (FEW SALES) 36.00
40 lb cartons JM Dasheen (Coco, Islena) OFFERINGS INSUFFICIENT TO QUOTE 40 lb  
sacks MX Dasheen (Coco, Islena) lge 20.00-22.00                                
---TEPEGUAJE (GUAJE):  MARKET STEADY.  20 lb containers MX Green 28.00         
---TOMATILLOS:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb containers MX 29.00-30.00 OCCAS HIGHER 55
lb containers MX 40.00                                                         
---TUMERIC:  MARKET STEADY.  30 lb cartons FI Orange Type 92.00-93.00 30 lb    
mshsks JM Orange Type 85.00-90.00                                              
---YAMS (NAMES):  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb cartons BR Blanca 40.00 CB Blanca      
28.00-34.00 CR Blanca 33.00-34.00 JM Yellow 48.00-52.00 50 lb cartons BR Blanca
40.00 20 kg cartons GH Blanca 53.00                                            
---YUCA (CASSAVA):  MARKET STEADY.  WAXED 36 lb cartons CR 22.00-24.00 OCCA    

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