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Spring Fertilizer 
25-5-10 + 2.5% Mg (50% Slow Release Nitrogen)  
20kg Bag
(medium application covers 10,000 sq ft/bag)
 Only $24/bag - Tax Included!
     Summer  Fertilizer 
 24-0-6 + 2% Mg (50% Slow Release Nitrogen)
 20kg Bag
 (medium application covers 10,000 sq ft/bag)
 Only $22/bag - Tax Included!
  Autumn Fertilizer
  8-4-20 + 2% Mg
  20kg Bag
 (medium application covers 10,000 sq ft/bag)
  Only $19/bag - Tax Included!
    Tree & Shrub Fertilizer 
12.9-7.8-15+7S +1.3Mg+1Fe+.1Zn+5.4Ca 
The different nutrients provide proper tree maintenance and for a healthier root system.

Check out Dr. Dirt's Checklist for some Healthy Lawn Tips!

Other Products:

 Epsom Salts, Nutralime, Bonemeal & Grass Seed

Available at Holmes Agro Orangeville, Redickville & Stayner


Lawn & Garden Fertilizer Available at all Holmes Agro Locations

Orangeville, Stayner, Redickville and Flamborough

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm,

Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm (May & June)


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Specializing in... Lawn Fertilizer & Lawn Seed Mixtures

Ontario Lawn Care Simplified!

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